Experience the art of calm

Debbie Means-West, Brooklyn resident and mother, travels the world on a lifelong passionate journey to bring delicious tea and a daily ritual of calm to other tea lovers. Debbie’s explorations took her first to India where her love of chai was sparked and then to Australia where the recipe for the first ever wet chai was crafted by her sister-in-law using Indian spices and other hand-picked ingredients. Now this revolutionary tea, that’s so fresh it’s preserved in honey to reveal the amazing bold taste, is being brought to your home.

Committed to quality, Debbie’s handmade teas, tisanes, and infused honey are all crafted in New York City and designed to guide you to your calmer state, one sip at a time. Whether in Australia or the USA, Calmer Sutra is providing a daily ritual in more places. Experience the art of calm for yourself.