Servings: 2 oz yields between 50-55 teaspoons
  1. Add 1-1.5 tablespoons of Lady Melba into a mesh strainer or directly into your cup or teapot (if using a separate tea strainer) per an 8 oz cup.
  2. Pour boiling water (a rolling boil of approx 95 degrees celsius) into a separate clean cup or teapot rather than straight over your tea leaves as it will scold the leaves and effect the taste.
  3. Then pour water over your leaves to fill your up, mug, or teapot.
  4. Next, close the lid to your teapot or cover your mug with a saucer and let steep for 3.5 minutes (4 minutes at max).
  5. Lastly, strain your leaves through your strainer and enjoy with cold milk and sugar as you like!

As a reminder, you can pour boiling water directly over herbal tisanes. Unlike tea leaves, this will not damage the blend. Herbal tisanes are also fine to be left steeping for longer than recommended 4-5 minutes, the flavor will simply become stronger.